At The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, we take pride in offering a friendly, professional service for all your Boat slipping requirements.

Our operation runs five days a week (Monday – Friday – available weekends by appointment) making it convenient for both members and non-members to work on their pride and joy. A large range of qualified trade contractors are on hand to suit all your boating requirements.

Our Bosuns take extra care of your vessel on our slipway and hard stand making sure that you are happy with all procedures.

Slipping and Hardstand pricing offer excellent value to both members and non-members.

quotations available on request by calling the Bosuns on mobile 0419 885 420.


This is probably not the first time you have used our slipway, but we think it is time to explain a few things to help clarify our respective roles and responsibilities. We have progressively updated our slipway in line with best practice and good housekeeping. This increases value to your membership and our standing as a professionally operated slipway. We want to keep it that way and need your help.


Once you have booked a time and date to have your boat slipped, we will arrange for a suitable cradle to be prepared and we will take control of the process of getting your boat onto the cradle, secured, and out of the water. We take full control of this process and in the interests of health and safety, we will ask you to stay clear. Our bosuns are fully trained and by taking over the role of slipping and hard standing your boat, if in the unlikely event something goes wrong, our workers are protected, and your precious boat is covered against any damage. We ask that you not alter the way your boat is secured to the cradle. If you have any concerns, please talk to us. We will either reassure you of the stability of your craft, or we will make alterations. But, once again we must make it clear that it is in the best interests of all of us if we remain in control.


While at the slipway, we ask that you wear enclosed footwear. You should also wear a ‘high viz vest’. We will provide you with one. It is important that you always wear it while on and around the slipway. Many interstate yacht clubs do not allow their members to work on their boats. They insist that they use contractors. We don’t want to go there, but it does mean that we all must remain extra vigilant to ensure the safety of all at the slipway. Let a bosun know when you enter and leave the slipway. Please follow all safety signs and marked walkways and know what to do in the event of an emergency.


  • Wear protective eyewear when pressure cleaning;
  • When sanding, protect yourself from breathing in dust and be aware that much of what you remove could be toxic, and please wear hearing protection;
  • If you are using electric tools, ensure that the cable is free of damage, tagged and tested and keep leads away from water;
  • If you are using fuel operated devises, ensure that refuelling is carried out away from any ignition points;
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying any product to the hull;
  • Ensure that your work area remains tidy and free of any tripping hazards; and
  • Clean up when you finish for the day


If you want to climb into your boat, please first see a bosun. We will provide you with steps to help you safely enter and exit your craft. Please do not try to use the old climbing rungs that are still attached to some of the cradles. The concrete below is not very forgiving, and we like you back in one piece. When working at heights, i.e. the deck of your boat, it is advisable to wear a safety harness if you intend to hang out the side of the deck of your boat, or are working in areas of the deck where there are no safety rails fitted.


Should you need to engage the services of a contractor, let the bosun know when he or she is due and the bosun will ensure that the contractor is properly inducted. Even though you are paying the contractor, his or her safety remains the Club’s responsibility. Last of all, stay safe and if you see someone doing something silly let us know. It’s not about dobbing someone in, it’s about ensuring that we can continue to offer a safe environment for the sake of the future of the club and the safety of our members. Remember, we are here to help, so if in doubt yell out.