Little Boats with Sails

Author’s: Nicole Mays, Colin Grazules & David Payne



This book provides a comprehensive history of the 21ft restricted class. It starts with one of its major success stories, Tassie Too, and the Tasmanian domination of the Forster Cup. It then recognises Lord Forster’s proactive role in the development of the class, as well as his inspiring personal story. The book next details the origins of the 21ft restricted class, and its specifications, as well as provides a history of the Forster Cup series; the outcomes fuelled by close racing, surprising results, interstate rivalry, controversy and protest, massive public support, and the creation of legends, both men and boats. The book also summarises all of the craft built to the class and provides biographies of influential skippers, boat builders and designers, as well as crew lists.

Overall, the 21ft restricted class filled an important niche in Australian sailing history, particularly between the Great War and World War II. This book showcases the class, its history and its current status, with the goal of fostering further interest and development in the 21s.