Sailing Camps

RYCT Off The Beach regularly organises weekend training camps led by acclaimed coaches in different divisions including Lasers Radial and 4.7, 29ers, Optimists, Sharpies, Waszps and Sabots.

Endorsed by the Tasmanian District Laser Association, the Tasmanian International Optimist Association and the Tasmanian Sabot Sailing Association, the camps are held at the beginning of the sailing season and are designed to set the scene for subsequent training and racing towards the various class Australian Championships later in the year.

With the generous support of Miena Village, RYCT has been able to offer the 2021 camp at $50 to RYCT members and at $100 cost to all other Tasmanian Laser, Optimist, 29er, and Sabot sailors.

All levels of skill will be catered for in each class including Open, Intermediate and Green Fleets.

During the camps the RYCT OTB canteen will be in operation for lunch and post-sailing hot dishes will be served at the end of sailing on the Saturday and Sunday. Post-sailing meals are included in the registration fee. Friday’s welcome and event briefing will also include a meal for participants

For more information about upcoming coaching camps contact Michael Vincent at


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