• The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania (ACN 009 585 059)
  • (“the Company”)

TO:     All Members of the following Membership Classes (including associated “Family Members”):

  • Associate.
  • Associated.
  • Crew, and
  • Social.

TAKE NOTICE that Membership Class meetings will be held on 24 July 2024 at 5.00 pm at:                          The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, 15 Marieville Esplanade, Sandy Bay, Tas 7005


  1. Consider and if thought fit pass the following Special Resolution relating to the Company:               “Agree to the variation of my existing Membership Class rights that will occur by repealing the current Constitution of the Company dated 23 July 2015 and adopting the Replacement Constitution”.

Background to the proposed changes.

There is an ongoing need to update the constitution of The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania (RYCT) to maintain its currency and to ensure it meets contemporary standards while protecting and pursuing the objects of the club.

It is also accepted that to reflect the diversity of views from a membership base, the membership of our Board of Directors should reflect that membership mix.

RYCT has many membership classes, and the composition of our membership has changed significantly over the past 20 years.  However, due to the requirements of section 2.4 of the Constitution, only 47% – less than half – of our members who are over 18 are eligible to vote and hold positions on the Board.

The current constitution no longer meets the needs of our changing membership demographics nor recommended contemporary governance.

This amendment intends to facilitate a broader cross-section of our members to vote and to be eligible to hold positions within the club.

The purpose of the Membership Class meetings, as per this notice is to obtain a “Special Resolution” of each relevant Member Class (Associate, Associated, Crew, and Social).

Section 246B of the Corporations Act states that the members’ rights can only be varied by “Special Resolution” of the Company and

  • A special resolution of the relevant class; or
  • With the written consent of members with at least 75% of the votes in that class.

Copies of the following documents can be found on the Company’s website ( and are available in hard copy form at the Club House located at 15 Marieville Esplanade, Sandy Bay in Tasmania 7005:

  1. Meeting Notices dated 2 July 2024;
  2. The Replacement Constitution (both a “track-changed” version showing the amendments made to the current Constitution dated 23 July 2015 and a “clean version” showing all amendments as accepted); and
  3. Explanatory Memorandum and the background notes regarding proposed changes
  4. Membership Class Meeting Proxy Voting Form.

Dated this   2nd day of July  2024


Company Secretary

The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania