From The Boardroom April 2022 Monthly Update

At its April meeting the board approved the budget for the 2022-23 financial year commencing 1 May which included a modest rise in membership and marina fees, remembering of course that last year no increases were applied.

Your board is currently undertaking a whole of Club strategic risk review to ensure that we have a good understanding of what our risks actually are, how we can mitigate the downside risks but also make the most of the upside risks. Linked to that process, the board will also be undertaking a review of our Strategic Plan, checking on progress on our initiatives and making adjustments to those plans as appropriate.

The James Boag Navigation and Seamanship Cruise last weekend was a great success; congratulations and thanks to the “Beaver” crew for setting an excellent trial and also the Taranna Boat Club for its hospitality on Saturday evening.

Some great events are coming up at the Club, with the Mother’s Day Lunch now fully subscribed. Come and help celebrate the successful 2021-22 sailing season at our presentation events on Friday evening 13 May for the keel boats and Sunday lunchtime 15 May for Off the Beach.

On Wednesday 18 May we will be christening our newest rescue RIB acquired with the generous assistance of a government grant.

And of course don’t forget the 50th edition of the Pear Tree Cruise on 29 May. Pear Tree merchandise is available at Reception.

See you on the water!

Richard Bevan