Tasmania Police wish to inform you that the annual City to Casino Fun Run & Walk may occur in your area of Hobart on Sunday, 16 May 2021.

You may be situated in an area which will become isolated during this event.

This event will commence at 8.00 am at three locations and affect:

  • Brooker Highway at Goodwood Road, Glenorchy
  • Cornelian Bay, New Town
  • Salamanca Place at Davey Street
  • Evans Street
  • Sandy Bay Road

The finish point for all races will be the Wrest Point Casino. All roads will be re-opened by 10.00am.

In this instance, there will be significant road closures between the period of 8.00am to 9.00am in and around the Hobart waterfront, Battery Point and some areas of Sandy Bay. The Hobart waterfront and Battery Point will be isolated during this event. No traffic, unless of an emergency nature, will be permitted to cross over Davey Street and Sandy Bay Road along the event route. On-duty police will make an informed decision about access in and out of the area for emergency situations.

A public notice will be in Saturday’s Mercury newspaper prior to the event, providing a detailed account of all road closures for this event.

Some of the major disruptions will be:

  • Inability of delivery trucks, including heavy vehicles, to enter or exit this area;
  • Hotel patrons wishing to exit the area for the airport or other trips;
  • Workers on their way to or from work in the area.

Tasmania Police wish to advise motorists that have to enter or exit the area to do so prior to the road closures or ensure your vehicle is outside the closed road area.

Any queries relating to the road closures should be directed to:

Sergeant Mark Woodland, Southern District Road and Public Order Services, on 131 444.

Road closures include:

  • Davey Street, far two left lanes only. This will prevent exit or access from Hunter Street, Mures Car Park, Argyle Street, Elizabeth Street, Murray Street, and Salamanca Place.
  • Sandy Bay Road between Davey Street and Gladstone Street. This includes only south bound traffic. North bound traffic will continue to flow.
  • Sandy Bay Road between Gladstone Street and Drysdale Place. This will prevent exit or access from Gladstone Street, Hampden Road, St Georges Terrace, Quayle Street, Osborne Street, Marieville Esplanande, Queen Street, King Street, Magnet Court, Princes Street, Russell Crescent, Ashfield Street, Sayer Court, includes only south bound traffic. North bound traffic will continue to flow.

To Our Members:

Please note that these road closures take place on the same day as our Off The Beach Prize Night. Fortunately, the OTB event will take place after the road closures are scheduled to be re-opened. However, please keep in mind that there may still be disturbances to your usual travel.