From the Board Room – May 2021

During May it was my pleasure to attend a number of presentations to celebrate the successes of Sailing Season 2020/21.

The Combined Clubs presentation night, efficiently hosted by RYCT Vice-Commodore Ross Mannering, was held at RYCT and well attended. Well done Ross and thanks also to Acting Sailing Manager Nick Hutton and Past Commodore Graham Taplin for their assistance in preparing (and polishing!) the many perpetual trophies for the night.

Congratulations and many thanks to Ross for his efforts over the past year as Chair of the Combined Clubs’ Committee (CCC) which is responsible for putting together and administering the Combined Clubs Sailing Program; not an insignificant task. The CCC is currently surveying keel boat owners for their views on last season’s program, prior to developing the 2021/22 Sailing Program. The chair of the CCC will transfer to the DSS for the 2021/22 sailing season.

The Club’s own presentation night was also a success and the Off The Beach presentation BBQ was also well attended by many junior and senior OTB sailors, parents and volunteers. It’s just great to see the growing cohort of sailors, young and older, enjoying their OTB sailing at RYCT.

At its May meeting the Board signed off on the revised Strategic Plan and a revised Marina Lease Policy. The Club’s finances for 2020/21 financial year are currently being audited in readiness for presentation at the AGM in late July,

Despite 2020/21 being an extraordinary year severely impacted by Covid-19 we anticipate a very positive financial result whilst at the same time have delivered many improvements around the Club, most notably the new deck which was enabled by a significant donation by a Club member.

If you are feeling philanthropic as you approach the end of your personal taxation year, remember that you can claim a tax deduction for your donation towards a Club project if the donation is made via the Australian Sports Foundation. For more details see the separate article in this edition of What’s in the Wind.

Richard Bevan