A letter from the Board March 2021

From the RYCT Boardroom


Hello Members,

The Board met last Saturday for Part 2 of its review of the Club’s Strategic Plan. One important discussion was about Culture, which is very much in the news at the moment locally and nationally, especially Canberra!

Are we happy with our Club Culture and does it really reflect our stated Values of Integrity, Heritage, Participation, Community, and Safety?

It is a fact that our Club membership is dominantly white males. Our average membership age is over 60 years! What does this mean for our future if we do nothing to inspire and sustain a diverse membership, including juniors and women?

These are really important issues that I will have more to say on in the near future, but in the meantime I challenge us all, as individual Members, within our friendship groups and Club as a whole to ask ourselves whether we behave in a manner that is tolerant and welcoming to all? Are we prepared to acknowledge good behaviour as well as, importantly, call out poor behaviour? Let’s start the discussion!

At the March Board meeting we noted the end of the 2020/21 competitive sailing season and especially the great performance of RYCT sailors who dominated the Combined Clubs pennants.

The RYCT will be hosting the Combined Clubs Awards night on Friday 30 April as well as our own Club Awards night on 14 May and the OTB Awards on 16 May. Come along and help celebrate the achievements of season 2020/21! Please also note the separate article in this edition of What’s in the Wind regarding RYCT award nominations.

The Board looks forward to thanking our annual volunteers at the annual Volunteers Thank You Function on 15 April.  Without our volunteers the Club could simply not function and it is important that we recognise their contributions.

We also noted that we are on target to achieve our budgeted result for our 2020/21 financial year that ends on 30 April.


Richard Bevan


The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania